Legal support of your business

The law firm Mospravo has extensive experience in legal support of financial and business operations, both on a one-off and on a regular basis (subscription).

Legal support encompasses following services:

  • Consulting on the legal aspects of the client’s core operations (service provision, retails, construction, lease, manufacturing, R&D, etc.)
  • Contract management (contracting party due diligence, development of standard contract forms, due diligence of the other party’s contract forms, negotiation and coordination of draft contracts with the other party’s lawyers)
  • Labor law consulting (employment contracts, hiring and dismissal, required bylaws, labor disputes, legal opinions)
  • Tax consulting (legal opinions on tax assessment and payment, appealing decisions by tax authority, tax analysis for transaction structuring purposes)
  • Corporate and registration procedures (registration of legal entities of any legal form, amendments to the constitutional documents and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, dissolution and reorganization of companies, registration of issuance of securities with the Central Bank of Russia, submission of the shareholder register to the registrar, shareholder general meetings, approval of major transactions, etc.)
  • Participation in the client’s negotiations with contractors and public authorities
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution (analysis of documents and of the entire case, preparation of legal position and roadmap, preparation of documents supporting the client’s legal position and safeguarding the client’s interests)
  • Litigation support (state arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, and private arbitration courts) involving debt collection, disputing of transactions, and other issues arising in the course of the client’s operations
  • Legal support of real estate transactions (cadastral procedures, transaction structuring, drafting of the contract and supporting transaction documents, monitoring compliance by the parties of the transaction terms, registration of real estate and transactions)
  • Export and import consulting (drafting and negotiating foreign trade contracts, bank foreign exchange controls, bank guarantees and letters of credit, legal support of customs and logistics)