IT law

The law firm Mospravo has been recently providing active legal support to its clients in the IT industry (start-ups, software developers, distributors, online stores, service providers, web studios):

  • Legal support of the start, management, and development of online businesses
  • Establishment and purchase of IT start-ups
  • Legal support to projects in the blockchain technology (digital currencies, ICO, mining)
  • Tax consulting, structuring and optimization in IT
  • Assuring the client’s compliance client with the Russian laws on the protection of personal data
  • Consulting on the use of intellectual property on the web
  • Contracts in IT (software development, transfer of software rights, website development, website promotion, website support, website maintenance, license agreements, including EULA, digital signature agreement, custom work contract)
  • Legal documents for websites (standard terms and conditions for an online store, SaaS terms and conditions for online service providers, user agreement, privacy terms)
  • Foreign contracts (Software Development Agreement, Software License Agreement, Software Distribution Agreement)
  • HR documents for programmers and designers