Project consulting

The experts of the law firm Mospravo have the experience of working as part of project teams and successfully helping to close sophisticated multiphased transactions and projects. As part of project consulting activities, our lawyers provide following services:

  • Participation in negotiations in the project initiation phase
  • Participation in building the project team
  • Finding the optimal jurisdiction for the ownership and management of project assets
  • Drafting of documents governing the intentions and future relationships of the project participants
  • Evaluation of future licensing and approval procedures in state and municipal authorities
  • Documentary support of corporate agreements between the parties and registration of joint ventures in Russia and foreign jurisdictions
  • Development of corporate bylaws and other regulations
  • Development of the project’s staffing chart and formalizing the employment relations
  • Supervision and support of corporate finance and budgeting
  • Assistance in applying for state aid, including project financing
  • Support of transactions during the project implementation period